Can You Be Hypnotized Easily?

It is generally observed,” Dr. Spiegel wrote, “that when a person wants to concentrate intensely without interference, one postural stance is to look upward. Sometimes this is followed by eye closure and is consistent with the need to reduce peripheral awareness to facilitate focal attention. The Eye-Roll Test is an extension of this … in about 75% of the 2,000 consecutive cases, a five-second examination predicted hypnotic trance capacity.”

Add to the above results Dr. Spiegel’s further findings: 99% of the hypnotizable subjects showed a positive eye-roll. This ability to send one’s eyes up into the head is considered by some workers to be a neurological phenomenon that happens with certain people and doesn’t with others. If the person just stares straight ahead, and some people will, we can be virtually sure that this person is not hypnotizable.

How easily can you by Hypnotized?

Ask a friend to observe you as you roll your eyes upward as far as they can go while you slowly try to close your eyelids at the same time. Then compare the position of your eyes with the drawing above. The higher you score, the greater your “hypnotizability.


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