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calgary hypnosis online services
One major benefit of hypnosis is that it can provide results in a relatively short period of time. As compared to psychoanalysis and behavioral therapy, hypnosis is a shorter form of therapy that can be highly effective for a number of problems.

In hypnosis, the practitioner is the facilitator. He or she assists the client to reach a state of hypnosis. Five conditions are vital for successful hypnosis. They are:

a trained hypnotist
rapport between the hypnotist and subject
comfortable environment that is free of distraction
a willingness of the client to be hypnotized
the client’s motivation to overcome the problem for which he is seeking assistance

The practitioner’s role is to act as a guide, helping the client make personal changes. The hypnotist encourages imagination since mental imagery assists the client in bringing about the positive changes he or she is seeking. For example, an overweight person with poor eating habits may visualize herself going through the process of making healthier dietary and lifestyle choices, and finally, seeing her desired result and achieving her goal—better health, improved vitality, and a slim, toned body. This process can expand the client’s awareness and ultimately, reprogram her habits from negative to positive.
In more therapeutic settings, hypnosis can be used to understand underlying motivations or to identify past events or experiences that may be connected to current problems. Part of the session may also include posthypnotic suggestions to help the client make ongoing successful changes.

Generally, a hypnosis session will last from one hour to ninety minutes. The number of sessions required will usually range from six-to-twelve sessions, once a week. However, this may vary according to each client. An individual can also be taught methods of self-hypnosis. In either case, hypnosis is a learned skill.

During your private hypnotherapy session you will remain completely aware of everything that’s going on. In fact, many people experience a “hyper-awareness” where sounds appear enriched, thoughts clearer and your ability to imagine and visualize is greatly enhanced. It is common for these hypnotic experiences to create sensations of deep relaxation, fluid warmth or a pleasant tingling sensation or “BUZZ” throughout your physical body. Many describe the hypnotic state as a complete and total escape from all physical tension and emotional stress, while remaining completely alert

MpowerHypnosis Center offers the folowing services:

Hypnotherapy presentation Workshops, seminars & training courses
Visualisation Stress management
Self Hypnosis Courses Hypnosis with children

Below are some problems suitable for treatment with hypnotherapy:
Dentistry Sexual Problems
Anxiety Depression Sports Performance
Behavioural Problems: (Nail Biting,
Blushing, Tics, Stammering) Eating Disorders Study Improvment
Insomnia and more…
Chocolate Addiction Pain Control
Compulsions Panic Attacks
Confidence Phobias

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